In Review: Cult of Frey – By The Blood of Odin Part 1: Midgard

Cult of Frey

By The Blood of Odin Part 1: Midgard

Label: UKEM Records

Release Date: July 10th 2020

After a blood-soaked battle over identity Cult of Frey are ready to unleash an album seven long years in the making…

As mentioned the band resurrected their original 1991 moniker of Cult of Frey as they had to drop the previous name of Sleipnir due to issues on social media and being linked to a band of the same name having far right links, something both band and label want no association or links to!

The intro to opener “We Were Born Of Odin (Once We Were Kings Pt.3)” acts as a precursor to battle and then like a furious charge the track changes pace breaking into a frenzy which dips & flows throughout. This is followed by the longest track of the album “Lament of The Fallen” which is slower more purposeful and atmospheric.

“The Bravest Ones Are the First to Fall” follows and for me, this my overall favorite track of the album “Northwind (Carry Him Home)” is largely instrumental with spoken word parts whereas “We Forge This Land (In Blood And Steel)” sees a returns to earlier tracks.

Of all the tracks I enjoyed the guitar parts on “Ten Thousand Strong” although other elements in the track remind me very much of mixed era Mortiis and Catchiest track of the album goes to penultimate track “Life in the Shield Wall.

Finally, the first part of a two-album concept concludes with the 12-minute epilogue ” Death In The Shield Wall (Song Of The Ravens)” which really compliments both Darklord and Tossell equally

The band and this album were initially plagued by parasites but now with Ulfberht’s held high Cult of Frey are ready to once again show their dominance

4.5 out of 5 skulls

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