In Review: Divine Chaos – The Way To Oblivion

Divine Chaos – The Way To Oblivion

Release Date: April 24th 2020

Divine Chaos are back with their follow up to 2014’s ‘A New Dawn in the Age of War’ Sharper & more ferocious ‘The Way To Oblivion’ is also the first album to feature vocalist Jut Tabor.

Artwork by: Kumislizer Design

‘Suicide Salvation’ is an absolute thrash masterclass and even references the debut album (massive points for continuity) now, I’ve been fortunate enough to hear some of the tracks earlier than hearing the album in full – one of them being the track which became the bands second single ‘Upon The Shrine’ has one of the catchiest, old school riffs I have heard in ages and is one of the tracks that stands out for me, it also features Josh Middleton from Sylosis.

Easily the catchiest track of the album ‘Murder For Sale’ was a track that even after hearing the entire album stuck in my head so much so I actually woke up the next morning woke up singing the chorus which then meant another entire album playthrough. The first track to be released ‘Serpents Words’ slithers into title track ‘The Way To Oblivion’

Divine Chaos Vocals: Jut Tabor Guitar: Chris O’Toole Guitar: Matt Gilmour Bass: Craig Daws Drums: James Stewart
Additional Guitars: Josh Middleton, Aaron Waddingham

‘Decivilise’ could easily be mistaken for a bonus Death track ‘Angel of Misery’ follows & then already at the final and my personal favorite track’ Nations Damnation’

If you want a straight-up metal album that picks up where bands like Sepultura & Carcass left off in the ’90s? Look no further than Divine Chaos who with the unleashing of this album gives 2020 a slightly more visceral edge.

4.5 out of 5 skulls

Divine Chaos: Facebook |Twitter |YouTube |

The Way To Oblivion was Mixed and Mastered by Scott Atkins @Grindstone Studios



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