Live Review: Resin Events Presents – Blood Oath Album @ Firebug Leicester 2.11.19

On Saturday I decided to forgo a big sold-out concert in London to Support a local Death Metal Band. Why? The sold-out one was celebrating 25 years of an album, it’s an album that I still play but beyond that, I honestly haven’t been a consistent fan whereas the moment I heard the local band in question I was all in.

This event was the official album launch of the second album from Blood Oath which was going to be played in full. I actually pre-ordered the album from the band direct as part of a bundle so I had it a few weeks before this event.

As you can see from the main picture above from Resin Events it was advertising more, want to know that was? well from the mind of Guitarist Frazer Hart came the concept of the Hostile All-Stars a covers band which consisted of (deep breath) 28 musicians, 21 songs, 10 guitarists, 9 vocalists, 5 bass players, & 4 Drummers and featured members of Blood Oath, Seven Hells, Foul Body Autopsy, Internal Conflict, Resin, 28 Double, Graves UK, Fractions, Nagasaki Birth Defect, Mage, & Diceratops UK.

You would think something like that would take a long time to put together but in fact, it was only a few months ago but from the sounds of it was very well structured and organized. More on that later…

The Hostile All-Stars kicked off proceedings with the opening slot which featured tracks from Pantera, Whitesnake, Killswitch Engage & many others – quick musician turnarounds were slick & the audience were given a little insight into just how much work everyone had put in, Frazer’s organizational skills were complemented and even a chant of ‘EXCEL, EXCEL’ was started up to honor the above earlier mentioned spreadsheet.

By the time Blood Oath took the stage you couldn’t move it was packed. Although not on the album I knew what to the intro to the set was going to be as I had heard it in the car home the night before and it’s something completely different to see and hear in a packed venue with lights & smoke etc. The Intro was from the Hellraiser franchise which I hope continues as the first track Angels to some… Demons to others… is also Hellraiser related.

Credit Sean Larkin Photography

From then on it was an absolute joy to witness as when an album this good is played all the way through it’s something very special indeed, every track was met with the same enthusiasm and power as the next & like Kinsman sailing into battle, the oath was over until the next time…

The Hostile All-Stars then once again took the stage for the final set which included Black Sabbath, Amon Amarth, Sepultura, and even the band that I had a ticket for that I sold Machine Head

I knew very early on that I had absolutely made the right decision to where I had spent my Saturday Night and no soundboards were harmed in the writing of this review

Thank you to Sean Larkin Photography for permission for photo use.

I’ve even taken the liberty to create the setlist from The Hostile All-Stars. Enjoy 🙂

Drop me a message if you want a link to the playlist


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