Live Review – Cradle of Filth @ The London Palladium 19/10/19

When this concert was announced I HAD TO GO!!! it wasn’t a case of oh that would be nice, I have been a Cradle Of Filth fan since 12th October 1996 – Yes I remember the date and exactly where I was the first time I heard The Principle of Evil Made Flesh it really did make that much of an impact on me. The last time I had tickets to see them in London I missed them and it was my own fault – full disclosure I wasn’t in a good place and I got very drunk and passed out in a Costa. I’m in a much better place and can laugh about it now but I suppose deep down I still had some bad memories attached to it so for me it wasn’t just the fact that it was a one-off show I almost felt that I had to make it up to myself if that makes sense. That’s what happened this past Saturday I ventured off to Soho for a concert that beforehand even queuing up this felt like it was going to something more than that with the atmosphere more likened to the opening night of new production.

To add to the atmosphere for a show being held at such a prestigious venue there was even a Master of Ceremonies who entertained the crowd at various times throughout the evening with all the theatrics of very pissed of Captain Spaulding

Support came in support of DJ Amazonica. Admittedly I was skeptical at the initial announcement as I did wonder how (this coming from a DJ & Radioshow host) how someone with just a set of decks was going to capture the attention of the audience – by starting off with Mayhem that’s how…

The set was varied enough and Amazonica engaged with the crowd well.

It was then time for Cradle of Filth to take the stage for the first of sets Cruelty and the Beast in its entirety.

The stage was set (well behind the curtain anyway) ‘Once Upon Atrocity‘ started the curtain dropped to what was quite apparent a very big production. I have to say I absolutely adored the layout, the pyro was amazing and seeing this lineup performing such a milestone album was a real treat

After a small interval, we were then treated to the second set which even featured tracks from Damnation and a Day & Midian. Nymphetamine and the more well known songs also featured Alas, nothing from The Principle of Evil Made Flesh which for me would’ve made the evening perfect because I had earlier snagged the only Large t-shirt of a very popular design on sale that night and also a can of Pale Empress which was also available which is going to make a nice keepsake.

Outside after the concert, I even met some people from the Bloodstock Forum for the first time IRL which was really nice & just rounded off the experience for me and finally banished the memories from the past. Finally got home (well my mum’s where I stayed overnight) beneath the howling stars after being awake 23 hours because in my excitement I booked a 4 AM to travel down to this.

Thank you to Full Metal Foto for giving me permission to use their fantastic pictures.


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