In Review: Deadwood Lake – Immortalised in Death

The Band return with their second album in memory of their friend and brother Gary Powell

No theatrical intros needed here as we’re grabbed by the scruff of the next thrown into the first track ‘ Visions From The Faded Years‘ leading in to ‘The March of Time‘ which slows down and also has a great guitar solo part smack in the middle before picking up the ferocious pace once more.

The title track ‘Immortalised in Death‘ has so many elements & components if you didn’t know it this was a Black Metal album you would think Opeth had snuck in and taken over, this in no way is a criticism at all and is, in fact, is another plus and works amazingly well in the context of the album ‘Guidance‘ is slow and brooding but ‘My Ashes Will Remain‘ gives you an if nothing a thunderous reminder of the brutality Deadwood Lake can achieve. We are then treated to 8-minute rollercoaster ‘Alone I Fly‘ before the penultimate ‘Drowning Reality‘ lastly the album finishes with ‘Vigils‘ where I am already wanting it to finish only to hit repeat and play the whole thing again.

Lastly, I want to touch on the Raspy vocal style throughout this album. It’s definitely a style that really connected with me as I felt all the pain and emotion as if it had been my own.

This album is Melodic, Atmospheric & Deeply Emotional. I can’t praise this release enough especially given the subject matter behind it. I keep going back it and getting something new from it every time.

Highlight Tracks: The March of Time, Guidance, Vigils

5 out of 5 skulls

*Spoilers* This is going to be in my Top 10 Releases of the year

And if that’s not enough I’ve included a Q&A with Vocalist & Bassist Bruce Powell

Where does the band name originate from & what brought you together?

The name ‘Deadwood Lake’ has no meaning or significance really, we just liked the name and it ended up sticking. The band was formed in memory of my brother, Gary, who passed away in a car accident in 2015, we write songs in tribute in him. I originally started the band as a studio project, writing the music and lyrics was cathartic for me, but I eventually reached out and asked Ryan and Tom to join the band to record our debut EP ‘Remembrance’, and then we shifted into a love performing band and have been writing and releasing music since!

What can you tell us about the writing and recording process for Immortalised in Death?

We started writing Immortalised In Death before we had even finished recording Forgotten Hymns, I think some of ‘Visions From The Faded Years’ dates back to 2016 when we were recording Remembrance. The songs are usually written by myself or Ryan in the comfort of our own homes and we email them back and forth until we are all happy with them, I then use the demos to pen the lyrics when the inspiration strikes. As for recording, we went to Freefall Recordings in St Just, Cornwall. We have used Freefall Recording for all of our releases to date and have a great relationship with Adam (the producer). We went there over 6 days split across 3 different weekends earlier this year and got the album done from start to finish. We feel very comfortable at Freefall and we are kind of set into a routine there now as we have recorded there so much.

Who are your biggest influences and what are you currently listening to?

The main influence for Deadwood Lake is my brother, but if we are talking about other bands I would have to say Drudkh, Woods Of Ypres, Agalloch, Immortal, Emperor and Winterfylleth. Right now I have ‘Outstrider’ by Abbath and ‘Cult Of A Dying Sun’ by UADA on heavy rotation.

Immortalised in Death is out now via UKEM Records


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