In Review: The Old Norse Shower Gel

Recently I was Gifted a brand new product from Norfolk based The Old Norse I have previously reviewed some products for the company in the past which you can read about here so I knew that what would be arriving would be made to a very high standard.

First up I tried Merchants Lime, Mandarin & Frankincense. This is my favourite out of the two as the combination works amazingly well & out of all the 3 scents in Merchants, for me, it’s Lime that really pushes through and even though it’s the dominant scent it doesn’t overpower the Mandarin and Frankincense.

Next up is Glacial Fjord Grapefruit & Sandalwood. Now honestly I’m not a fan of Grapefruit but I am a big fan of Sandalwood and guess what? it’s another hit, the combination of the scents one again compliment each other with both scents equally fighting for lathery scented superiority. Call me a convert.

Both Shower Gels lather up really well so you don’t need a great deal, obviously allow a little extra if you are intending putting some in the Beard, it’s an entirely personal preference if you do as I initially did for the review but have still continued to do so as I enjoy alternating between the two. Also, all the gels contain active cooling agents which not really amplify the scents but leave you feeling totally refreshed and ready for battle.

The Old Norse continue to be innovative but still maintain the same level of high quality. This shower gels should be added to your range, and if you are just starting off these would be a great first buy.


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