Mage Album Launch @Firebug Leicester 27th April 2019

Following on from My Review of the album I was fortunate enough to attend the launch for Mage’s latest album Key to the Universe

Sound of Origin were up they first: a band who weren’t on my radar before attending this gig but it’s safe to say that that very quickly changed, they play Stoner, Psych, Metal, Fuzz, Doom & with new vocalist Joel’s crazy vocal range (he went from Sunn 0))) style sludge to Anselmo cowboys from hell era screams without even breaking a sweat) at the time of writing this the band are currently at the early stages of recording new material which when appears will be played not only be played on my show The Boneyard but will for sure be added to my collection.

Speaking to the softly spoken Welsh lads from Lifer at the bar pre-show lulls you into a false sense of security as the moment the laughs and onstage banter dies down they deliver this absolute juggernaut of sheer ear bleeding heaviness with an intensity that would even rival the Battle of Winterfell… More of this, please… (2015’s Black Mountain Rising is now in my Gym playlist)

By the time Mage hit the stage you couldn’t move. The vibe of the crowd had a real family feel to it in anticipation of hearing the new album Key to the Universe was played in its entirety (in order) and even had Both Sophie & David Day in attendance to play their guest parts (I did know in advance and totally wore one of my treasured Alunah T-shirts) and if that wasn’t enough we even had an encore of Green & One for the Road.

A thoroughly enjoyable evening, something really special to be a part of.

Thanks to Simon at Resin Eventsh & Angel at Fatangel PR for the invite


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