The Last by Hanna Jameson Review

One Hotel. Twenty Survivors. One of them is a Murderer.

Firstly, this edition is a limited proof and has a double cover which is cool but honestly, the cover underneath this one is far more striking and has way more appeal. I wasn’t going to bend the first cover to get a picture of the second as I’m not a heathen who bends book spines or folds the corners of pages as bookmarks. Neither is acceptable & both equally unleash my ex-bookseller rage !!!!

Anyway, now that’s dealt with i’ll continue with the task in hand.

Whilst attending a conference in Switzerland American historian Jon Keller is having breakfast when someone shouts out that nuclear bombs have started detonating in some of the major U.S. cities, amidst the panic and chaos it becomes apparent that this wasn’t an isolated incident and the attacks are happening worldwide.

Many choose to leave the hotel but Jon and several other people decide the hotel is the best and safest place for them as very quickly they learn telephone and internet access to the outside world is lost.

Upon checking on the water supply they find a dead little girl. Jon decides to investigate the girl’s murder and to bring her some sort of justice

The Last is spread tells the story of the 73 days after the attacks told via Jon’s diary entries.

The dystopian angle drew me in but the highly charged political element overshadowed everything else for me.

My Rating 3 out 5 Bookmarks


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