Mastiff – Plague Review

How can something so inherently ugly look this beautiful ?

It’s a very rare occurrence that a health warning should be attached to a release but it really should be the case with the new album “Plague” from Mastiff

Now it’s not the from the title alone I make the reference but also to the 8 tracks of sheer misery that engulf the listener’s senses. Every track on Plague is nothing short of a full-on assault of Raw, Miserable, Heavy Sludgecore, titles such as “Quarantine“, “Bubonic” & “Vermin” further plunges whoever listens to it further into a vortex of misery, but what’s worse is that it’s even after it’s over “Plague” has that much of a commanding presence and influence that it demands your attention over and over again and the more you listen to it somehow that sorrow, despair and outright heaviness becomes the norm…

I have no choice but to give Plague nothing but the maximum 5 out 5 skulls because it’s taken me places as a listener that not many releases can take me to nowadays.

Plague is out Friday 1st February via APF Records


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