The Boneyard Ep1 December 1st Playlist

Tonight officially ended my hiatus from radio shows & I am happy to announce my new show The Boneyard on Mayhem Radio 



Here are the tracks I played:


I AM – Burn Slow

Veilburner – Upstream &  Parallel

Zealotry – The Sky Bleeds Nightmares

Triverse Massacre – Phlegethon

Agrona – Apotheosis

UN – A Garden Where Nothing Grows

Windhand – Eyeshine

Alunah – Amber & Gold

Body Harvest – Hierarchy Of Grief

Solium Fatalis – Dysmorphic

Dodsferd – Loyal to the black oath

Crows over Bravellir – Into Kingly Death

Mass Infection – At One With Demon

Feral – Gathering Their Bones

Wurm Flesh – House Of Flesh

Barbarian Hermit – Reawaken – Solitude & Savagery

Kill All The Gentlemen  – Death’s Very Emissary

Mastiff – Hellcircle


If you missed it you can catch it here








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