Blade Killer – High Risk Review

Thundering in from L.A. to your eardrums are traditional heavy metal band Blade Killer with their highly anticipated full-length debut ‘High Risk



The whole vibe & sound of this album catapulted back me to 1988 when I first heard Killers by Iron Maiden *sidenote* I was born in 1979 so I would’ve only been 2 when killers was released.  It’s a big comparison to make and one I don’t make lightly as I was obsessed with Maiden as a kid but the dual guitars, with some great bass work & Di’Anno esque vocals, make this stand out and immediately requires you to give it a re-listen.

It’s high impact from the start,  eight tracks of how pure heavy metal should be played

Highlight track: Midnight Sinner


4.5 out 5 Skulls


Blade Killer are:

Carlos Guitierrez – Vocals

Kelsey Wilson – Bass

Jonathan Rubio – Guitar

Jay Vasquez – Guitar

Peter Lemieux – Drums



High Risk is out now on M-Theory Audio