August Eagleworms



Well, the summer holidays are over and normality can resume. Although this means the same daily routine until the next break, I can now go back to getting double the amount of steps on my new FitBit Versa than I had managed over the holiday period which will give me more time to check new releases as they appear.

Also, there has been a recent piece of news – I’ve become the newest team member of Mayhem Radio 

Where you can find my Bio & 1st Album Review.


Here is what I listened to in August:


Behemoth – God = Dog

Beyond Creation – The Inversion


Within The Ruins – World Undone


Daughtry – Back In Time


Primal Fear – The Ritual

Monstrosity – Kingdom of Fire


Cypress Hill – Band of Gypsies

Kvalvaag – Vinterriket


Kriess Gyte – Transcendental


The Spirit – Illuminate the Night Sky


Deicide – Seal The Tomb Below


Vini Vici, Astrix – Adhana


Horrendous – The Idolater

SVNEATR – The Howl


DJ Paul Elstak – Rainbow In The Sky

From The Bogs Of Aughiska – Poll an Eidhneain


Authour & Punisher – Nihil Strength


Lesser Glow – Tel Meggido


Amaranthe – 365


Wolfheart – Breakwater


Disturbed – Are You Ready


Hate Eternal – What Lies Beyond


Carnation – Power Trip


BAEST – Hecatomb

Aethereus – Writhe

Mordant Rapture – Natal Trophies

Firtan – Nacht verweil


Oubiliette – The Curse

Gaerea – Absent

Exocrine – Scorched Human Society


Forming The Void – Extinction Event

Metal Allegiance – Bound by Silence

Tantara – Death Always Win

Mantar – Midgard Serpent

ACOD – The Divine Triumph


Ashbury Heights – Headlights

Daughters – The Reason They Hate Me


Leeched – By The Factories

Dismal – Colourless

Satan – Into the Mouth of Eternity


Unanimated – Adversarial Fire


Monstrosity – Radiated


Siege of Power – Violence in the Air


Shrooms Circle – Asylum


Pig Destroyer – Mt.Skull


Deicide – Defying The Sacred


Satan – Death Knell For A King


Entombed A.D. – Fit for a King


Soulfly – Ritual


Warrell Dane – Disconnection System



Eminem – Stepping Stone


You can find all the above on this playlist

Not available on the Playlist

Eternal Rot – Putrid


Chainsaw Disgorgement – Disgorgement


Last Cry – Years





Eric Nopanen




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