May Eagleworms


same as last month, May was another big month for my Spotify playlist.

Here is what I listened to in May:


Ihsahn – Lend Me The Eyes Of Milenia


Alice In Chains – The One You Know


Guns n Roses – Shadow Of Your Love


Skeleton Witch – Fen of Shadows


Fear Of Domination – Mindshifter


Baptists – Beacon of Faith


Madball – Old Fashioned


Zeal & Ardor – Waste


Acarash – Cadaver Dei


Nekrokraft – Lechery


Lucifer – Faux Pharoh


Gra – Till sorjerskorna


Turmion Katilot – Sikio


Sandberg – Circle of Anger


Chrch – Portals


Lammia – Acid Trip


Runemagick – Runes of the Undead


Eye Of Solitude – Collapse

Babymetal – Distortion


Immortal – Northern Chaos Gods


Autobahn – The World Around You is Fractured Somehow


Sargent Thunderhoof – Another Plane


Dyscarnate – Iron Strengthens Iron


Naut – Disintegration


Amorphis – Heart Of The Giant


Ghost – Dance Macabre


Like a Storm – The Devil Inside

Brann Dailor – Red Death


Fragments of Unbecoming – Perdition Portal


At The Gates – Daggers of Black Haze


Ynys Wydryn – Tyrannos


Gone is Gone – Phantom Limb


Inkvisitor – Mindslaver


Soliloquium – Catharsis


Frostland – Jenseits der Mauer des Schlafes


Spiral Skies – Black Hole Waltz


Uada – The Purging Fire


Hundred Year Old Man – Black Fire

Crypts of Despair – Path to Vengeance


Vile Creature – Forest, Subsists as a Tomb

WitchSorrow – Eternal


Powerwolf – Demons Are a Girls Best Friend


Epica – Crimson Bow and Arrow


ASG – Execution Thirst


Jonathan Davis – Everyone


Bleeding Through – Cold World


Iskald – The Atrocious Horror

Sludgelord – Tread Lightly


Hatchets for Hands – Warpath


Shylmagoghnar – As All Must Come To Pass


Cypress Hill & Pearl Jam – Real Thing


Agrona – Summoning the Void


The full playlist can be found here:


*Not on Spotify Playlist*

The Antichrist Imperium – Dreadful Hosanna


Dopethrone – Wrong Sabbath

Via Bandcamp here

Haunted – Mourning Sun

Via Bandcamp here


Dallian – The Lie Version


As the playlist has hit 50+ again I am considering condensing it to maybe my favorite 20 of the month.

Would you prefer a condensed version?

Which are your favorites?


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