The Old Norse Review


At last !!! my first product review of the year. This one is courtesy of The Old Norse based in Norfolk.

Usually this is part where I start to talk about the product themselves. But wait, just look at the box it came in !!!!!



I seriously didn’t want to open it. Talk about attention to detail.


Once I did finally open it (i’m keeping the box) this is what I discovered inside:




So which one first ? let’s go against the grain and talk about the Oil



Merchants Origin Lime,Mandarin & Frankincense contains a lot of the same oils as the balm below  and as with Hunters one scent really sticks out for me in this case and that is the Lime. I really like it which is surprising as i’m usually not a fan of fruity scents in general. The bonus here is also I seem to have found two products that I feel blend perfectly with each other.

Now the Balm



Hunters Bergamot,Sage & Cedarwood  is packed full of butters & oils and contains an oil that I haven’t seen in any of the other balms that I own and that is Avocado Oil. The Sage really comes through in this and makes a nice refreshing change from the traditional woody scents. Seeing as we are getting warm but still crisp weather right now, this is a perfect fit at this particular moment in time.


If you can’t track down The Old Norse via your Longship then you might have better luck via Facebook or Twitter not forgetting the #Raidwithus

I would like to thank The Old Norse for kindly providing me with these products.

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