The British Bearded Baby Grooming Co. Review


I have to be the first to admit that this should’ve been one of my final posts of last year but I did in fact have an even more hectic festive period than I had planned so i’m looking forward to this years being a lot calmer.

In this post I am going to talk about the products I received from The British Bearded Baby Grooming Co.  including something that most people own but how it’s advertised it genius.



So who are The British Bearded Baby & why the name ?

The founder had spent years growing the beard he wanted, when he found out his fiancé was carrying their first born he thought about how the baby might not like his rough beard so started looking into beard oils and balms to keep his beard soft. From there started the journey into the research and development and after finding that some ingredients had some unexpected surprises and not wanting these to irritate his child went on to make his own beard oils and balms using only 100% certified organic oils.


So what products did I receive ?

First up let me introduce you to Hank


I love the fact the products almost have a personality rather than what the scent is. I feel it’s a unique marketing point that isn’t utilised enough in the beard care market but in this case The British Bearded Baby are on point. Hank is a really good deep conditioning balm with it’s balance of organic butters and oils mixed with beeswax beads gives the balm great hold but with enough flexibility to style. Hank contains shea butter, coconut, sweet almond, cocoa butter, cedarwood, vanilla extract & rosemary. I don’t remember seeing rosemary in a product before but it’s subtle and blends in well with the other ingredients. Also I love the sliding design lid on the tin itself  


Hank beard balm is 100% Natural with 100% organic base ingredients


Now to my favourite item Silence


Silence Beard Oil contains Argan, Coconut,Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Cedarwood, Vanilla Extract & Bergamot.

I used this after using Hank and felt that the two products really compliment each other

Silence is 100% natural. 100% organic base ingredients & 100% vegan base ingredients

All of The British Bearded Baby products  uses nothing less than natural ingredients in their blends. Everything is professionally assessed and made in small batches to make sure the highest standard of product available.


You can connect with The British Bearded Baby via Facebook Twitter Instagram 


Something’s that are safe for baby’s are not safe for beards *shakes fist at Farley’s Rusks* but The British Bearded Baby Grooming Co are not only safe for both but even have benefits for your facial hair & if you are thinking about purchasing for others you can be happy in the knowledge that you can indeed buy with confidence.

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