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Recently I received some products from the Bearded Media & Beard Care company Beardster Being both means that not only can you purchase products but at the same time you will also find advice and tips on maintaining your facial hair of choice.

They currently have 2 beard balms & I shall be reviewing them both. I do need to address/confess something, The tins that come have one simple & clear instruction on them just under the word beard balm it reads ” to open press here”  when you do that they pop open with no problem. I will openly confess that I didn’t not see this and spend a good 15 minutes trying to prize it open so don’t be like me and read carefully 🙂 they seem that that they would travel well in bags, suitcases etc because they a super tough.


First up the Chai Lemon Balm 


Beardster CL


Unfortunately having a slight cold at the time my initial smell test was off a little but from experience you actually pick up more of the scents tones & highlights when massaging the balm through your hands ready to start the aftercare process.

Looking through the base ingredients i see some familiar ones Hemp, Shea Butter, Bees Wax etc one I do notice that stands out because to my recollection I haven’t even seen listed in any other products I have is Rice Bran Oil so I had to take a look and found that not only is it Deeply Hydrating it’s also Anti-Aging so not only will your beard be really conditioned it will also get younger 🙂 in all seriousness I didn’t know that this particular oil had so many health benefits too so it’s great to see something new with some great properties too added into a product. Also I learnt something new today that will also mean another healthy lifestyle choice. Bonus

So back to the actual Balm and it’s hints

This is a winning combo in my eyes Lemongrass Chai Latte, Bergamot and Tea Tree Oil big fan of the last two and add in an element that has almost been like a wish list scent for me the Lemongrass Chai Latte. it’s fresh, sweet and really gives you crisp spring vibe which is much needed on a cold November morning.


Now the TT Balm  

Bearster TT

As much as the Chai Lemon was a hit I straight up love this one & out of the two this has to be my favourite, once again all the good the base elements are there with the hints of Tea Tree Oil, Bergamot, Cedarwood and Sandalwood giving this a very earthy, smoky feel it’s just wonderful & easily one that going to get used alot.


Both of Beardster’s balms contain ingredients that are rich in essential vitamins, help prevent inflammation of the skin, keep the skin feeling flexible and young and promote the healthy growth of the beard hairs.

Don’t forget always keep your beard products at room temperature for best results.


Really impressed with what Beardster offer and the quality of the products received definitely a name that should familiarise yourselves with.

You can connect with them on social media platforms Facebook Twitter 
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