Bedfordshire Beard Co Review



Recently I was fortunate enough to receive some products from Bedfordshire Beard Co 


Here are my thoughts:


First I will start with the Balm

I’m not a huge fan of fruit scented things although Mango is one I don’t mind but unfortunately I didn’t get on with this one too well which was a shame as it has some very high quality ingredients. I couldn’t quite put my finger on so had a look through them – beeswax, almond oil, hemp oil, jojoba oil & apricot kernel oil Aha !! the last one maybe why I may be not a particular fan of the balm as apricot for me is just a bad a cauliflower but the balm is made to a very high standard and I feel that if i had been another scent I would’ve loved it so really my only gripe was personal preference and not about quality at all. I did give it a few tries because it’s so well made 🙁



Now the Oil 

Total opposite I love this so much so that an order for the balm may just have to be placed.

Now looking at the ingredients it has the same oils as the balm even the apricot one but with 2 dominant differences which for me was the game-changer: the tobacco & black pepper oils. Huge fan of this I love how it smells whilst applying and afterwards on my beard.




So overall some fine products indeed. Everybody has there own scent preferences and it’s always good to try new ones as you might things that you like more times than dislike and Bedfordshire Beard Co has a welcome place in this bearded guy’s aftercare routine.



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