Balbo Beard Co & Magpie Hill Soap Review

Tucked away in the West Midlands is Shropshire’s best kept secret. Some of you may have discovered it already but for the rest of you *Spoiler Alert* it’s the home of a very talented lady named Rhian who not only is the creator of Magpie Hill Soap but after watching bearded gymnastics of Cirque Alfonse in their show Barbu  Balbo Beard Co.was born. Rhian was super generous and sent me a total of 9 items 2 of which were officially launched today (1st October) I was sworn to secrecy  so felt like an actor who has been unable to reveal a role they had been cast for. I did take a picture of the outside of the box when I received it but now I can fully reveal what exactly was sent to me

3 Beard Oils, 1 Balm, 1 Moustache Wax, 3 Soaps – 1 Beard soap & 2 Brand new Magpie Hill Soaps


As you can that’s quite a list. So where to start… I think it has to be the brand new things the 2 new Magpie Hill Soaps:


The Pits

Uses Hobsons Shropshire Stout scented with Coal Tar

I can’t describe how much I love this, i mean it could smell it as soon as I opened the box. it does lather up really well and leaves your body smelling of it for hours.


Honey & Hops

Using Hobsons Twisted Spire & local Shropshire Honey

When I saw this I kept getting distracted by just how creative this is my second thought was how long before my wife steals this, luckily she didn’t as with the pits it leaves your skin really conditioned and soft


Now the Balbo Beard items

Beard Soap


Gentleman’s Sandalwood Beard Soap

At the point with all the soaps I am the cleanest I have ever been. The beard soap has a great scent washes through amazingly well and leaves your beard super soft ready for more product.

Moustache Wax 


Sandalwood & Bergamot 15ml

Now I soon as I opened this I noticed it had a stainless steel plectrum in the lid, want to know why it’s there ? to be used a wax scraper so that you can get the ideal amount. Genius idea !!!

Amazing scent once again, this is becoming a thing, either that or the pure quality is shining through consistently on each product – it’s the latter, just as important as that is the hold of the wax it really holds for hours and even put up with constant fiddling to get the tache to look how I wanted. it’s also blended with the #3 blend of essential oils.


Beard Balm 


Blend #8 60ml

Now when I first became a member of iBeardClub  this was one of the products I saw recommended so when I saw it enclosed it might have made an inner woop, this particular blend contains Cedarwood,Pure Sicilian Bergamot, Lime & Grapefruit. The balm is non greasy, very soft & glides through the beard perfectly.


Beard Oils 10ml

Balbo #3

Blend #3

This blend contains Pure Sicilian Bergamot & Sandalwood. all the oils compliment the balm very well but  I have to say this one is my personal favourite.


Blend #5

This Blend contains Patchouli, Pure Sicilian Bergamot & Sandalwood


Blend #8

This Blend Contains Cedarwood,Pure Sicilian Bergamot, Lime & Grapefruit


All Balbo Co. products are handmade in small batches and conform to EU cosmetic legislations and they are also a proud member of The Guild of Craft Shop and Toiletry Makers

All the items mentioned can be purchased here 

Facebook Page here

You balbo believe that these products need to added to your beard care routine



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