Robin Hood Beard Co Review

Recently I was sent some beard oil from Robin Hood Beard Co

Here are my thoughts:




First of all great personal customer service, kept me updated with all details including tracking number also a lot of care was taken with the packaging so that it arrived to me in perfect condition.




The scent that was sent to me was Old Smoke (try saying that after a few drinks) First impressions of smelling it were that I didn’t know wether to drink it or put it on my face because it smelt like a really strong, peaty single-malt whiskey which personally isn’t a bad thing as that is one of favourite tipples just ask anybody who was at my wedding. That initial smell goes as soon as the oil was applied to my beard and I was taken aback by how different the change was – first of all there was a warming sensation which massively put me in the mood for my favourite season Autumn and after taking a look at the ingredients not only did it confirm that it does in fact have the exact description of my first smell, the single-malt whiskey but that it’s blended with patchouli which mixes really well and gives it the earthy & smokey undertone and even hours later I could smell it. I defiantly felt like I wanted to be somewhere with a drink and a big open fire.




I love the ethos of the company who’s aim is to create something different whilst keeping the roots of Nottingham and the bearded community. All the products are made in small quantities to ensure the best quality of the product. The website is incredibly user friendly and has a real personal feel to it.

So load up your bow, take aim & fire because the Robin Hood Beard Co Old Smoke Beard Oil is a direct hit.