August Eagleworms

This one rolled around really quickly this month & I was spoiled for choice.

Here is what I was listening to in August


Iggy Pop: Lust For Life – (Prodigy Remix)

Tori Amos: Cloud Riders

Venom Inc: Metal We Bleed

Incantation: Lus Sepulcri

Damnation Defaced: Invader from Beyond

The Wise Man’s Fear: Grey King

Prophets Of Rage: Radical Eyes

Enslaved: Storm Son

Septic Flesh: Enemy of Truth

Cradle of Filth: You Will Know the Lion by His Claw

Devil Electric: Shadowman – Track 2

Actors: L’appel Du Vide

Boy Harsher: Motion

Mundy’s Bay: Glow

Monolord: Rust

Mortiis: The Shining Lamp of God (Chris Vrenna Mix)

Alien Weaponry: Ru Ana Te Whena

Sepultura: Orgasmatron (Reissue)

The Party Complex: Violence

Silent Season: The Negative

Gwar: Fuck This Place

Akercocke: Insentience

Wu-Tang Clan: People Say (feat.Redman)

Arch Enemy: The Eagle Flies Alone (edit)

Scanner: Galactos

Inanimate Existence: Forever to Burn

Brendon Small: Some Days Are for Dying

Motograter: Parasite

Cloak: Beyond the Veil

The Ditch and the Delta: Till Body Quits

Portrait: Likfassna – Track 3

Thy Art is Murder: Puppet Master

Eskimo Callboy: Back in the Bizz

Which ones are your picks for the month ?

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wu yi


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