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I have an extra copy of The Gene: An Intimate History by Siddhartha Mukherjee. Our bookcases are overspilling so it needs a new home. It could be yours 🙂 all you have to do is


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One entry per person.
UK only.
Competition ends 23:59 31/10/16
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  4. I live in the US and i’m not sure why more new homes? don’t use a system like that. It saves money and resources on water, even if you are just using it to flush toilets or water your lawn, and it holds back the run off in urban areas that would make streams flood or swell.

  5. 8 noviembre, 2011Ha sido un auténtico placer colaborar con Esther y con Elsa en la realización de este post. Sólo espero que sirva para dar a conocer a la blogosfera general, las cosas que se están haciendo desde la blogosfera “sanitaria”.Un abrazo!

  6. that is a load of crap you cant stop children under 13 watching youtube. thears nothing wrong with it apart from the slight pornogrphy thingy gouing on which they can get on to by simply opening an acount anyway its easy. DONT BOTHER TRYING TO STOP THEM.

  7. People are not getting used to the bus strike, people are stuck walking lengthy distances with young children or elderly people in the same situationIt’s absolutely ridiculous to suggest the strike go on till march to punish strikers it’s obviously punishing the lower class and lower class only. That does not include already overpaid transpo workers, that opinion is as pig headed and ignorant as the union’s tactics

  8. Shallie,I hadn’t thought about the “Rule of Seven” being applied to training staff, but I guess it does apply. And not just to staff. I don’t know about you, but I rarely remember something after just one go.Thanks for reading.Andrea

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  16. Tam: If you'll excuse me for being melodramatic for a minute, over the years the cordial, respectful interblogs relationship I've seen between you and Rawles, despite your glaring differences in the most fundamental atoms of your worldviews, has been a learning experience for me.

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  19. Coronel, o comentário do tal anônimo das 19:52 é extremamente preconceituoso contra o nordeste. E é bom lembrar que, infelizmente, o nordeste não tem o privilégio de ser o único a ter "gente despreparada". Até porque a vontação tanto do Mullah quanto de sua fant, digo, sucessora, foi NACIONAL…

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  21. We as Americans are looked at as people who would "give the shirt off our backs" to help others. Our government has played this tune to the people for years defining our tax structure as a charity organization that is needed to help those in need. The problem is in "their definition" of who "those in need are". If we the taxpayers of this country could look in the mirror at our back sides we would see that the shirt and pants have already been striped away. Next they will be coming for what is left.

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  24. Clearly you are living somewhere between fantasy and delusion. Libertarians made some background static but most of the heavyweight firepower that sank HB 392 came from 9/12 Patriots, who claim no alliance with Libertarians or Republican bloggers such as Faye Voshell, Evan Queitch, David Anderson and Michael Borgia…committee Republicans all.

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  28. Lovely teacups. I'm happy you're better dear Martha. Many blessings for the East coast. I have family in NY nad NJ and we're so happy they're fine and safe, with just heavy winds and some fallen trees, but otherwise they're fine. Have a safe week.FABBY

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  34. I am interested to find out if any of your photos are taken in the Natoma st alley between 5th and 6th street. I was planning on attending a number of conferences and workshops at an agency that recently relocated there but it looks unsafe and gross. Please let me know.thanks

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  36. POSTED October 30, 2011 at 7:09 pmbStormhands: I’m aware of a lot of resources from the survivalist websites, but I haven’t really been moved to look at them. I figured if everything went all pear-shaped, I’d be dead in the first week anyway. I believe in the general ability of people to pull together in times of crisis to prevent that from happening; it’s when relative stability comes back after crisis when you’ve gotta be careful!Chris: Congratulations!!! Yes, we have been having even-crazier New England weather this year.

  37. I have a question. You’ve written about dark forces attacking people more recently both psychically and physically. I believe this happened to me and started in a severe fashion about 2 years ago. What are the dark forces you describe? I know what I experienced and found only a handful of people out there who had experienced what I had. Is there any additional work I can do to protect myself?

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  45. Fred,You are asking the wrong question. Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno was already in Mexico when Christie left for FL this past Sunday. The question you and others should ask is why did Christie leave the state on Sunday, with a pending blizzard, knowing his back-up was already out of the country, let alone out of the state?Whatever the answer, it speaks of pure negligence on the part of Chris Christie.

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  48. paul, i disagree. i’ve made a starter with just flour and water sitting out, but it doesn’t always work. or else took a long time. this one worked twice can store starter in fridge indefinitely. take it out a couple days before using and feed it to rejuvenate.and i’m a martha fan too. on TV she doesn’t have a stupid smile plastered on her face like almost every single dump and stir host.

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  50. Je suis toujours admirative de tes coiffures! celle-ci sera celle du jour de l’an à coup sûr!!! Je vais de ce pas m’entraîner mais avant je pars me chercher des cheveux ;)Feliz Año Nuevo!!!bjs.

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  52. Becoming a mom also put me off of violence in media, but my son’s autism diagnosis was definitely the turning point in my becoming a serious romance reader. A guaranteed happy ending became the best thing in the world.

  53. Bravo pour ce billet chef, c’est bien interessant.Et bravo à Marc pour ce boulot! Un domaine de la photo que je n’ai pas encore approché, je me garde donc de trop en dire, de peur de dire des c**** En tout cas bravo à vous deux!

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