Man Booker Prize Shortlist Predictions

On the eve Man Booker Prize shortlist announcement  I thought I would share my predictions of the six books that I feel will be left and who I think will win the prize overall.

My personal shortlist is as follows:

My overall gut reaction  from the moment the longlist was announced was that the winner of the prize would be A Little Life. Although I still have yet to pick up a copy I’m desperate to read it as at the time I thought it would be a big deal, since then it’s received a lot of media attention and everytime I walk pass the local bookshop I see on display in the window.

Hopefully I’ll be picking up a copy sometime soon regardless on if it makes the shortlist tomorrow or not!

What do you think about my predictions? Have you got a top list or just one you think will win?

Let me know in the comments.



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