In Review: School Hall Slaughter

Following on from my first film review I thought I would go for something in a similar vein with Welsh short horror by Huw LloydSchool Hall Slaughter

As some of you may know I spent may years living in Cardiff which is how I found about this particular short film. Some good friends of my mine Jax & Hayley introduced to me to some horror books by CL Raven and it was through them I got in touch with writer & director Huw Lloyd

Inspired by filmmakers such as Lucio Fulci, Mario Bava, and John Carpenter. School Hall Slaughter is the story of a young teacher (Miss Franklin) who becomes trapped inside her school by an unknown killer or killers….

The movie has a very ominous start with two pupils escaping something terrifying as one girl is leading another blood splattered one away, we Miss Frankiln looking dejected as she is forced to give out a detention slip to someone but we don’t see who. Then movie then cuts to the two girls once again this time in the school bathroom and we then discover as they tell another pupil that the reason she is so distressed is that she bitten in the face although at this point I really did chuckle as they have just seen the school receptionist en route and all the girl was given an antiseptic wipe & told to be on her way.

Who knew that dropping a lighter on the floor would be out first introduction to some bloodshed – after seeing the lighter hit the floor we then see some boots and more importantly a Machete, one girl hopelessly tries to crawl away to safety but she doesn’t get a happily ever after.

Oblivious to the terror Miss Franklin is approached by someone in a red and black jumper called Fred which made her scream before realizing it was only one of her colleges. I instantly like Fred – not just for the nod to Nightmare on Elm st but when another colleague came in to check on her because “heard a scream” Fred called him a Cockwomble which is such a magical phrase & one of my personal favourites.

A laveyen looking teacher is trying to play it cool in the mirror before he is rudely interrupted by his throat cut – all that hard work on his beard wasted oh and just to make sure the killer sticks a pencil in his eye. A hand reaches for some acid which is later thrown over Mr. Cockwomble( we will call him now) by the person he is talking to which at this point we don’t know who

The screams get the attention of Miss Franklin put she doesn’t seem worried, we once again see Fred who is talking to the person who is going on the bloodshed spree but hang on… it then shows someone behind him who looks exactly like the person who was in front of him and before you can cry twins of evil poor Fred has a machete in his chest and then is set upon like a by one of the girls who like her meat still breathing – this gets Miss Franklin’s attention as we see her run the corridors – (cue suspenseful music ) where she finds poor cockwomble and Fred looking like how they would feel after an Ofsted inspection.

A stand off begins with Miss Franklin and the twins of evil – one armed with machetes the other has sledgehammer ( a very underutilised weapon of horror) now she doesn’t manage to get past them but not for very long before they catch up with her..

Police are a called to the scene which they describe as a bloodbath and the two “Witnesses” have been surprisingly quiet and are offered protective custody whilst the police look for the killer – I adore this part of the movie as it’s a real throwback but with some modern neon demon elements to it – the music and the twin’s flashback to murders really polish this off for me and found myself watching this part over & over

Short & savage but strangely fun

5 out of 5 Skulls

Some very exciting news is coming shortly about the movie which you can find out more about on the School Hall Slaughter Facebook page below


Also, you can get involved with the crowdfunding campaign for the feature version.



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