In Review: Argesk – Realm Of Eternal Night


FFO: Old Corpse Road | Hecate Enthroned

Formed in late 2017, bound together by oath and ritual, Argesk present their staggering debut album of uplifting might and soul-freezing terror Realm of Eternal Night.

Opening track “Spellbound by Candlelight” is wonderfully melodic and piano-laden which serves as a great instrumental build-up to “Lord of the Boundless Void” which instantly left me feeling I had put some mid 90’s Black Metal with it Keyboard sound and Vocal style.

Again, the title track of the album “Realm of Eternal Night” left with the same sense of nostalgia but the drums really stood out for me, “Adversary” is undoubtedly my favourite track on the album, absolutely love everything about this track it starts of fierce, the guitar work is great & also the midsection of the track, in particular, was the reason I went back and listened to it a few more times.

Matt IH – Guitar and Lead Vocals
Dillon – Bass
Leth – Keyboards
Bob Kendrick – Drums

“In Their Image” very briefly makes you feel you’ve walked into some infernal sermon – again another very good track. Another favourite of mine “Liberari in Tenebrae” takes no prisoners before final track and longest of the album “Drowned in Freezing Waters” is the perfect send-off and instantly wanted me to play the entire album again, granted it’s 2 am but the environment is perfect for giving this another playthrough in its entirety.

Realm Of Eternal Night celebrates tradition while forging a new path of darkness and fire for British black metal. I’m can see me coming back to this album again & again for a long time

5 out of 5 corpse paint smeared skulls.

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