In Review: Embodiment – Palingenesis



Release Date: 24th April 2020

Bristol Death Metal 4-Piece Embodiment return with their second full -length album Palingenesis.

Opener “Reverence Through Disgust” takes look at the infamy of people who commit atrocities and how, according to Vocalist Harry Smithson, “we propel these people into being famous, being a legend by remembering the deeds so vividly”.

“Rise of the Oppressor” may be short but it’s a somber build-up to “Tyrant” which brutally explores the ‘cult of personality’ and the impact it has on society, particularly in the recent rise of the far-right, with one of the main concerns being “This element of control the borders & people.

“Outbreak” is the vocalist’s “love letter Alien and The Terminator”, where Smithson draws inspiration from his love of Anime and Sci-Fi films.

“Eternal Torment” – My Personal Favourite track fo the album, is a reference to a favourite Anime of Smithson’sAjin: Demi-Human, Specifically the part when he’s captured and they’re experimenting on him to test his pain levels and regeneration but can’t die. Smithson considered this to be a really horrifying scenario.

“Masquerades” (The Delusion) is the only song on the album which sees Guitarist Finn Maxwell add his contribution to lyrics. “It’s about the delusions that are achieved through everyone wearing big masquerades to hide their true selves. They don’t show the level of emotion and talk about feelings as much as they should. It’s more about the vulnerabilities we have as humans that are actually our strong points, they’re not weak points.” Maxwell makes clear.

“Satisfaction” is a humorous, yet sinister take on every day grievances, especially when experiencing a terrible first impression of someone. “I quite enjoyed this one because I took that concept of your first impression of someone is “I could kill this person!”. What if you did snap immediately?” Smithson wonders, with his tongue firmly in his cheek. “I’ve worked a lot of retail jobs over the years and you do get to that point with people. It’s like that scene in Mean Machine where the Monk has all these visions and he snaps and kills all the players. Then it snaps back and he’s just stood there and I thought that’s quite a fun play of a ‘what’s going on in your head moment’…but of course I wouldn’t do that!”

“Premonition” is another short instrumental track that blends well into the continuation of the ‘cult of personality’ theme from earlier but “Sanctuary” concentrates on another aspect of it , “It’s like no personality whatsoever.” Smithson clarifies. “Where you get these religious camps or extremist organizations where they sort of break people down and take everything away from them and completely strip them to the point of where all they have now is to be a part of this group or organisation. That’s what I mean by the other side of the cult of personality.”

“Cenogenesis” is the third and final interlude and almost gives a finality to the album before the closing track on the album, “Harvesting The Seeds Of Vengeance”, is “my eco-warrior song!” Smithson delightfully describes it. “A literal army attacks the planet and the planet responds by destroying everybody, which is obviously a very real prospect we actually face… We all know what’s going on right now. We’re being told by people “ignore what you’re being told about climate change”, it’s bullshit”.

Embodiment’s future is certainly a promising one. Having achieved so much already in such a short career, it’s no wonder that the band is aiming high with the release of Palingenesis which is Technical Death Metal at it’s finest.

5 out of 5 skulls

Palingenesis is out April 24th

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