In Review – Nosferatu Featuring Dmytro Morykit

Last night I ventured out on a very cold All Hallows Eve to attend a very special screening of FW Murnau’s 1922 classic Nosferatu: Symphony of Horror hosted by Filmtramp and Leicester Guildhall featuring Composer/Pianist Dmytro Morykit

Nosferatu was the first screen version of the Dracula story and even now with the number of different retellings this still remains my all-time Vampire movie.

As soon as I entered the building I was overwhelmed with just how beautiful and equally, and haunting the setting was. It reminded very much of the Underground Cinema in the grounds of Cardiff Castle

Remember what I said about being cold outside? I was also greeted with this.

As mentioned earlier Nosferatu is my all-time vampire story. I could make an entirely separate post on just why and how it’s been watched many times of the years by myself on various formats but never under such conditions and within a live setting.

Morykit composes direct to the piano and plays all his music from memory, his Musical compositions are both playful and heartbreaking and wonderfully portrays the not only the terrifying but the lighter moments of the movie which in its live setting was a wonderful thing to experience especially some of the reactions of the audience some of which had never seen Nosferatu

The compositions do not distract from the movie in any way and because the focus was totally on the film from a personal perspective I found myself not only noticing the smaller parts some of which I had forgotten were part of it and actually becoming quite emotional towards the end of the movie.

A wonderful setting and something that I won’t forget anytime soon…


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