In Review: Cradle of Filth – Cruelty and The Beast (Re-mistressed)

21 years after it’s original release later this lustfully dark masterpiece has been remixed and remastered by Grindstone Studio’s Scott Atkins and will be reissued on 1st November 2019 through legendary UK label Music For Nations

This version of ‘Cruelty and The Beast’ features new artwork from band illuminator Stuart Williamson, exclusive linear notes from Dani Filth and Cvlt Black Metal writer and documentarian, Dayal Patterson, as well as a bonus track cover of Iron Maiden’s ‘Hallowed, Be Thy Name’ which is really my only slight gripe because although a great track I feel that it was unnecessary for it to be added to this particular version (yes it appeared as a bonus track amongst others on the Celtic Cross version) as it’s not faithful to the original 1998 release as Cruelty and the Beast has long been considered a milestone album for the band due to its atmospheric storytelling

Apart from that smallest of personal gripes, everything about the release is phenomenal. Aesthetically, from the pictures I’ve seen of the Blood Red vinyl (which of course is on order) is just stunning and I really do love the artwork and as for the track themselves each track took me back to the very moment I first heard Cruelty and with each subsequent listen would just hear something I didn’t previously which has really changed my relationship with this release for better which I didn’t think possible. The Instrumental tracks, for instance, are so much more haunting…

Highlights – The Twisted Nails of Flesh, Portrait of the Dead Countess & Lustmord and Wargasm

A must-hear for newcomers & A must-have for long-time fans.

4.666 out of 5 Howling Stars


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