In Review: Mardy Monkey Beard CO. Beard Balm (Gifted)

Recently I was gifted a Beard Balm from a brand new North East based company Mardy Monkey Beard CO. whose name derives from the owner’s home town history of Monkey Hanging, I’m very familiar with the story as I lived and worked very near to this particular part of the North East for over a decade so was instantly a fan of the name & branding for this product.

You can read about Hartlepool’s most infamous part of history here

The flagship product currently available is the Ironmaster Blend which is Cedarwood & Bergamot scented.

So what are my thoughts?

Well, upon opening you are greeted with the warming scent of the Ironmaster Blend. I’ve had products in this type of tin & they have notoriously tricky to open fortunately this time I am happy to report no such incident.

The balm’s texture is really great, slides from the tin with ease and nearly as important (for me) as the scent is there wasn’t an excess of leftover oil after applying which is one of my biggest gripes as after applying to the beard I do use the remaining on my Skin Fade but that’s really it, really don’t want to be having to wipe it down my clothing or finding towels, etc.

so the road test: We have had a bit of a heatwave going on and I have been even going to the gym a little more for the lovely air conditioning and as I have been using this as my primary balm it’s been on my face a lot so it’s been under some tough conditions & if anyone has been Mardy (this expression has followed me to the Midlands as it’s used here too) it would be trying my best to stay hydrated because this balm has my beard sorted and smelling great many hours after applying.

There is also an Oil in this particular blend and I’m looking forward to seeing what the company do next as this is a very strong start indeed.

Full ingredients can be found here

I would like to thank Matt for reaching out to me & giving me the opportunity to review such a brand new product


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