In Review: Rosalie Cunningham

Back in 2013 I discovered an album called ‘The Circle and the Blue Door‘ by a band called Purson which I played a lot it’s an album that I own, still gets played on a regular basis and is one I am very fond of. Sadly the band parted ways in 2017. Fast forward to 2019 vocalist Rosalie Cunningham has released her debut solo album.

What’s immediately apparent is the psychedelic roots – there not going anywhere and the opening track ‘Ride on my Bike‘ is a testament to this already showing how far Rosalie has grown as a musician and songwriter.

Fuck Love‘ is slower in comparison and has a bluesy feel to it, my personal track on the entire album ‘House of the Glass Red‘ clearly demonstrating Rosalie’s vocal range it’s got a very 70’s feel to it, ‘Dethroning of the Party Queen‘ is a brilliant follow up track with a great melody and swirly guitar sounds.

Nobody Hears‘ is the most stripped back track of the album so far, which leads into ‘Riddles and Games’ which you will be tapping along to within moments ‘Butterflies‘ is short and whimsical making way for the final and longest track coming in at over 13 minutes ‘A Yarn from a Wheel‘ this song really does have a bit of everything and I love the marching band feel it has to it

Overall the album has got a very organic feel and warmth to it that people familiar with Purson will love as well too the curious first-time listeners.

Highlight tracks: Ride on my Bike, House of the Glass Red, A Yarn from a Wheel

4 out of 5 swirling psychedelic skulls

The Debut Album is out on July 5th on Cherry Red Records


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