Mage – Key to the Universe – Review

Pledge Who?

Mage return with their first full album written without band founder Ben Aucott, who passed away in 2015 returning to Skyhammer Studio keeping Ben’s influence and memory very much alive.

The Album was Produced and mixed by Chris Fielding, mastered by James Plotkin

There are no long-winded intro’s here as its straight into the Altar of noise with ‘Zen Blues‘ it sweeps in and immediately the nodding of the head begins… followed by ‘You Hate Speech‘ which features Adrian Mayes (Krysthla)

Things start to slow down for the longest track on the album ‘Facts‘ which feature both Adrian Mayes & David Day moving along into ‘Grind‘ which has a guitar sound and drum pattern alongside some catchy as lyrics I may be pre-empting here but I that this going to be a live favourite for sure

The title track and my personal favourite ‘Key to the Universe‘ includes some very special people, as Sophie & David Day (formerly of Alunah) guest on this it’s still heavy but having those familiar haunting vocals of Sophie & David’s solos is a huge bonus and gives me goosebumps. I’m not taking anything away from Mage but I’ve been a big Alunah fan for a while so for me it’s pure nostalgia.

Equally ‘Le Destin Tragique‘ has gotten the repeat treatment more than once, and the final track ‘Black Totem‘ starts off with some fabulous flamenco sound and has one of the catchiest riffs I’ve heard in a while which is the perfect send-off for Mage’s fourth album.

The Album Launch happens this Saturday (26th April) at The Firebug in Leicester and I for one am massively excited about it as I will be in attendance.

Once again Mage have released another cracker & come out the other side of the Pledge Music debacle armed with heavy riffs, loyal fans, and no doubt many more after the world gets its own Key to the Universe cut.

5 out 5 Fxxck Pledge Music Stars


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