January Eagleworms

It’s cold, frosty & everyone seems to be catching a cold. Clearly, this is an indication that we have moved on from the festive period into the New Year.

I have decided to slightly change how I construct these particular posts so now rather than simply just post up a ton of YouTube videos up I am going to post the playlist itself with highlights from the playlist having the videos Included.

It’s going to be a continuing theme from now that some of the material I have would’ve been in my possession for a few months (Currently I am listening to things that will be released in April) but I can only really put them on the playlist on their official release date.

Below is what I listened to in January

Highlights from the Playlist:

Master’s Call: My Eyes Are The Night

Hecate Enthroned: Goddess of Dark Misfits

Helevorn: A Sail To Sanity

Photo by Pao Edu on Unsplash



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