Ragebreed Live Night – Blasphemer, Pemphigoid & Metal Artois Review


On a bitterly cold Tuesday night I ventured out to a fairly local gig at The Musician in Leicester hosted by Ragebreed  


First up was local band Metal Artois 

Looking at the lineup you could be forgiven for thinking that Metal Artois were an odd fit, but in fact, as it would turn out they left me feeling quite the opposite. Lead singer Ant has a voice very reminiscent of Aaron Lewis which threw me slightly as Metal Artois far heavier but worked very well. This was the first time I had seen them and I was really pleased and also amused at the same time with the reaction of the local crowd, it’s clear that they are a local favorite this was confirmed by how people responded to the music with an almost Planet of the Apes prisoner looking seductive appreciation dance. The band really got the crowd warmed up for the night, humourous & talented in equal measures.



Up next was Nottingham’s Pemphigoid  & if you like your Death Metal Flesh Rotting style then you won’t be disappointed. You can tell that these guys play live regularly as they are like a well-oiled chainsaw –  sharp & brutal as fuck The debut Album Where Compassion Comes to Die  only came in March of this year and it’s completely grabbed me by the throat as every track is very well structured, there were some technical issues right and the end where guitarist and singer’s Ash amp just decided that was enough brutality for the end and just blew, but testament to guys who were not phased and even made it sound even heavier with just the vocals, bass & drums.

Not going to lie the t-shirt I picked up has kind of stuck to me since Wednesday morning as well as the full-on assault to my ears on the night bus from such a good debut album.


Before tonight I was honestly trying to remember when I last saw Blasphemer   it’s been long overdue so I was massively excited even more so as the weekend before the new album Lust of the Goat  was released. For anybody seeing them on their upcoming dates I can tell you a few things firstly, the new stuff sounds amazing live & they command your attention when they are on that stage all of the members individually are intense and unleash such ferocity at you that if you’re crashing along with the music you are literally thrown into the depths of hell. It’s a performance I’m not going to forget for a while.

On a side note, I am getting my lazy ass back to the gym tomorrow and I’ve been told that Festive Music in on the playlist my remedy to this will be to wear my new Pentagram Long Sleeve   stick some headphones on with Child Catcher on repeat.

This was the first time attending a Ragebreed Event & I  was made to feel incredibly welcome by everyone


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