MMMD Hagazussa OST Review


I thought I would give something different a try & review a movie soundtrack.  Now, I’ve had the soundtrack for a while but I didn’t want to review it upon receiving it as I wanted to see the film first before giving my full review. I was hugely excited about the prospect of this as I absolutely love the movie The Witch  but have found films that have been compared to it have been hugely disappointing.

The film “Hagazussa – A heathen’s curse”, a medieval terror film by Lukas Feigelfeld ticks all the boxes for me and soundtrack duties fell to MMMD  to forge this unholy instrumental terror upon the listener.

The title track “Hagazussa” is easily my favourite, still makes me shudder and yet come back to time & time again. I used a clip of the next track ” Akvo De” as the backing track of the vocal parts of the very first episode of The Boneyard on Mayhem Radio

The More & More I listen to this soundtrack I feel like Heidi from Lords of Salem when she receives music from The Lords, it connects with you at a primal level, it’s the type of thing that at nearly 40 I can’t listen to in the dark but at the same time want to listen to all the time


Don’t say I haven’t warned you….

Hagazussa in now on Antifrost  



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