Crows Over Bravellir – Spells of the Dead 12″ Single Review

It’s rare that I type up a review so soon after I receive new music from an artist, but that’s what happened about 20 minutes after this hit the Mayhem Radio inbox I immediately felt this needed  to be my next review and it would appear I’m not the only one as the band are getting a fair bit of media attention right now.

The band are Crows Over Bravellir and the release is their debut 12″ single Spells of the Dead.

So who are Crows Over Bravellir?

They are a Swedish doom project featuring current and ex-members of both Grave & Darkfield who play slow, dark & heavy doom & with lyrical roots in ancient Scandinavian myth & folklore

Spells of the Dead consists of 2 tracks ‘Spells of the Dead’ & ‘Into Kingly Death’ even so it’s 20 minutes of earworm goodness.

I’m definitely keeping my monocular vision firmly on this project to see where it goes as this debut is superb.

4 out of 5 skulls

Spells of the Dead is out now on Dawnbreed Records

I would like to thank Imperative PR for sending this my way. You can hear ‘Into Kingly Death‘ on the Very first episode of The Boneyard which will be hosted by myself on Saturday 1st December at 8 pm UK time.