UN Sentiment Review





Label: Translation Loss Records

Release Date: 28.9.18

For Fans of Bell Witch & Mourningful Creation


Admittedly this year I have gorged mostly on Death Metal so when a funeral doom band add an element of Death Metal it’s bound to get my attention.


Sentiment is the sophomore release from Seattle’s UN. The opening track ‘In Its Absence‘ starts off melodic before Mccleery’s vocal tear in, the balance of the thundering drums & guitar harmonization work really give the band a sound that I feel has been lacking in bands of this type for a while. The slow menacing ‘Pools of Reflection‘ changes the feel of this release before the title track ‘Sentiment‘ takes hold with all the elements of the opening track. The last & longest track on Sentiment which is my favourite ‘A Garden Where Nothing Grows’ brings the release down to it’s the slowest tempo is the sludgiest sounding & has the rawest vocals of the whole release.


The four tracks in total come in at just under 55 minutes and compliment each other well and although It’s certainly a late entry for one of my top albums of the year and I almost wished that it had been released earlier so I had more time to enjoy it but UN has cemented a permanent place in my collection so everytime it’s dark and the weathers really shitty Sentiment will forever be my new go-to selection.


4.5 Skulls

Sentiment is out now via Translation Loss Records.



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