Chapel of Abhorrence Review


Well here’s something new for the blog, my first ever music review.

I have been doing the Eagleworms posts for a while now & it’s given me the appetite to start podcasting again, this won’t happen immediately as I’ve never podcasted or used the software on a mac before also, I would like a decent microphone as when I did it many years ago I was never really happy with the overall quality of shows.

I’ve wanted to add music reviews to the blog a while now and have been given the push I needed as I have become a Team Member of Mayhem Radio  where my future reviews, as well as this, will now appear.

So what have I picked for my 1st Review? something very recent indeed as it’s been a lot & loudly played in this house

It’s a Debut which I still can’t believe…

The Band are Carnation the album is Chapel of Abhorrence 

I picked up this limited LP from UKEM Records



So the review itself:


Chapel Of Abhorrence

Released 17th August 2018 by Seasons of Mist

For fans of Autopsy, Entombed & Bolt Thrower.


Formed in 2013 this Belgian 5 piece unleash their first full-length LP with 11 tracks of distinctively old-school sounds in the form of Chapel of Abhorrence.

Right from the off you forget that this album was only released late August. Before you even get into the music Juanjo Castellano’s artwork wouldn’t be out of place next to Entomb’s Left-Hand Path.

“The Whisperer” really sets the tone for the album which after multiple listens still tricks me into believing that this wasn’t made in the early 90’s and if you don’t believe me than the title track “Chapel of Abhorrence” should finally hit the nail in the coffin & make you fan if you weren’t already

Chapel of Abhorrence is effortless creates a classic atmosphere whilst at the same has enough creative elements not to sound like a tribute album it’s well executed and is hands down one of the best death metal debuts of the year.

My Score: 5 out 5 skulls



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