June Eagleworms


WOW !! The last few weeks of the school term just flew by and after a very last minute trip down to see family in London I finally have a chance to breathe and catch up with some overdue posts

Here is what I listened to through June:


Jonestown – The People’s Temple

Ovate – Song Til Ein Orm


YOB – The Screen


Unflesh – Disintegration God


Nervosa – Vultures


Akhenaten – Ereshkigal: Kingdom of Death


Corroded, Zardonic – Defcon Zero (Zardonic Remix)


Puteraeron – Dunwich


Kindom Of Sorrow – Enlighted to Extinction


Our Lady Peace – Not Enough


Scars On Broadway – Dictator


Chino Moreno – Brief Exchange

Zeal & Ardor – Servants


Epica – Crimson Bow and Arrow


Kataklysm – Outsider


Haunted – Mourning Sun


Kontinuum – Shivers


Mord’a’ Stigmata – Hope


Marilyn Manson – Cry Little Sister


Suede – The Invisibles


Vokonis – The Derelict Eyes

Saltatio Mortis – Brunhild


Obscura – Emergent Evolution


Bruce Dickinson – Eternal


Skeletonwitch – When Paradise Fades

Dragonlord – Dominion


Gaygirl – Paralydise


Madonnatron – Headless Children

Sahg – Tyrant Empire


The Skull – The Endless Skull Road Turns Dark


Kroh – Rigor Mortis


MOL – Storm

Craft – Again


Gatekeeper – Craving Flesh


Nine Inch Nails – Ahead of Ourselves

Helalyn Flowers – Nyctophilia


Marduk – Werwolf


Hoth – Vengence


Jason Aalon Butler – Fact Check

Immortal – Mighty Ravendark


Monstrosity – Cosmic Pandemia


Djevenkult – Nar Avgrunnen Apnes

Beast maker Ep.1


Aurora Borealis – Even Angels Sin


Blodskut – Fire Burning Hate


Curse upon a prayer – the three woes


Which Track/s stands out for you?


Jon Tyson


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