April Eagleworms


April is a always a busy. Lots of birthdays including my own, it’s also mine and Mel’s 1st Wedding Anniversary. Also I think think is my biggest playlist so far as there have been so many releases this month it’s over 50 which is huge due to the combination of YouTube Channel Subscriptions, Spotify & Apple Music which I got a 3 month trial of but it’s not something I am going to keep as I have found it doesn’t work that well with WiFi. We pay for Spotify which get used a lot by both of us and we also have it on the TV too.


Now onto the the most important bit the music itself. *spoiler* some of these are going to be in my top things of 2018.


Jonathan Davis – Everyone

Mellah – Paseo


Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard – The Master and His Emissary

Slomatics – Masters Descent


Five Finger Death Punch – Fake


Ihsahn – Wake


Bullet For My Valentine – Over It


Glorior Belli – Sui Generis


Frayle – Let The Darkness In

Auger – Monster


XERO – Pull Me Down


Malum Sky – Eye Above



Hinayana – The Window


Lovebites – The Hammer of Wrath


Ripped to Shreds – Craven Blood


Of Virtue – Torn Apart


Ghost – Rats


Carpathian Forest – Likeim


Wallachia – So We Walk Alone


Heart Of A Coward – Collapse

Alien Weaponry – Holding My breath

Venues – Ignite


Nervosa – Never Forget, Never Repeat

Dirt Forge – Stone


Nostromo – Uraeus


Rimfrost – A Clash Under the Northern Wind


Our Place of Worship is Silence – Labyrinth Disorientation


Maudlin – Sassuma Arnaa


Khemmis – Isolation


A Perfect Circle – The Doomed


Sleep – Marijuanaut’s Theme


Wu-Tang Clan – Gravel Pit


Fredro Starr – Murder Mami

Lizzy Borden – My Midnight Things


ASG – Survive Sunrise

Orbit Culture – Redfrog

YOB – The Screen


Fragments Of Unbecoming – Dismal


Monument – Attila


Nicumo – Witch Hunt


Alkaloid – Kernel Panic


Scars On Broadway – Lives


Candlemass – House of Doom


Skeletonwitch – Fen of Shadows


Pallbearer – Dropout


Lucifer – Faux Pharaoh



At The Gates – Daggers Of Black Haze


Godsmack – Every Part Of Me


Cruachan – Cath Na Brioscai


Blood Tsuami – Poison Tongue

Mortuorial Eclipse – Lost Bloodline


Sons Of Otis – The Hunted

Paradise Lost – Mouth (Remastered)


Indica Blues – Pearls in the Ash


A lot great tracks this month and my favourites kept changing throughout the month


The full playlist can be listened to here


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