March Eagleworms


Spring is finally here and all it took was a little snow. Here are the tracks that took over my life for the month:


Kobra And The Lotus – Loosing My Humanity


Bon Jovi – Walls


Chris Cornell – You Never Knew My Mind


Dave – Hangman


Parkway Drive – Wishing Wells


Caliban – Before Later Becomes Never


Black Moth – Sisters Of The Stone


The Occult – Manifest Of Degradation


Godsmack – Bulletproof

Bad Wolves – Zombie


Barren Earth – The Ruby



Ancst – Unmasking the Imposters

Sixes – Fogbreather


Eyes of the Sun – Slavery of Another Name


King Witch – Under The Mountain


Primordial – Exit Amongst The Ruins


At The Gates – To Drink The Night Itself


On Thorns I Lay – Erevos


Thy Catafalque – Sarember


Acherontas – Sorcery and the Apeiron


Pestilent Reign – Ourboros


Nekrogoblikon – Dressed as Goblins

Revel In Flesh – Bonecrusher


Skinless – Savagery

Chaos Invocation  – Calling From Dudail


Hidenhauta – Aarella


Doomcave – Doomcave


Burn The Priest – Inherit the Earth

Amorphis – The Bee


Demonical – Towards Greater Goods


Et Moriemur – Dies Irae

Appalooza – Glory Pain

Altars Of Grief – Child of Light


Veiled – Portal


Dimmu Borgir – Council of Snakes and Wolves


Desperate Journalist – Incandescent


Kataklysm – Guillotine


Kittle – What I Always Wanted (live)

Convocation – Scars Across


The Hyle – Preproduction


My highlights this month are Dimmu Borgir, Convocation and Barren Earth 

What’s yours ?



Mark Solarski

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