February Eagleworms



February proved to be a big month for my playlists. As well as Spotify I am taking advantage of a 3 month trial of Apple Music. It’s nice to be able to use both but means that my playlists are scattered because of the differing artists on each service. Also there has been a medium sized change within the household which has changed my total routine but given me more chance to listen to a lot of great music.


Here is what has been invading my ears this month:


Agrimonia – A World Unseen




The Secret Post – Cold Like Air



Bulletbelt – Cloak the Night


Necrophobic – Tsar Bomba


Susperia – The Lyricist


Eyes Set to Kill – Not Sorry


Saxon – The Secret of Flight


Alkonost – The River


Memoriam – Bleed the Same


Helltrain – Wolfnight


Lost Dreams – Until the curtains falls


Electric Dragon – Lurker


Genocide Pact – Structural Dissolution


Legend of the Seagullmen – The Fogger


Thy Antichrist – Metal to the Bone


A Perfect Circle – TalkTalk


Nafrat – Abnegation


Scorn of Creation – Realisation


Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows – The Broken & Shattered Moon 


Rivers of Nihil – The Silent Life


Barren Earth – Further Down


Kalmah – The Evil Kin


Lycanthrope – Skin & Bones


Eyes Wide Open – Fire is the Solution


Therion – Where Will You Go?


Grimner – Vanadrottning


L’Ame Immortelle – Frei


Varathron – Ouroboros Dweller


The Crown – Cobra Speed Venom


Benighted – Reptilian


Manic Street Preachers – Distant Colours


Gatecreeper – Dead Inside


Destruction – Cracked Brain


Angra, Kiko Loureiro – War Horns


Thy Catafalque – Szamojed Fresko


Anicon – Fall From Earth


Windhand – Three Sisters


Nocturnal Graves – Ecdysis, Shedding Weak Flesh


Dimmu Borgir – Interdimensional Summit


Ihsahn – Arcana Imperii


In Vain – And Quiet Flows the Scheldt


Destroyer 666 – Violence is Golden


Crisix – Get out of My Head


Nekrokraft – Mouth ov Ahriman


Angelus Apatrida –  Sharpen the Guillotine


Primordial – To Hell or the Hangman


Kaoteon – Raging Hellfire 


Deathbell – Come to Trouble


Pyraweed – Mist




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