January Eagleworms


Already the first month has offered some fantastic music.

Here is what I have been listening to:


Judas Priest – Lightning Strike

Abigor – All Hail Darkness and Evil

The Great Machine – Slideshow


Rebellion – A Fools Tale


Harakiri – Heave Blood & Die



OST & Front – Arm & Reich


Entrails – Voices


Wu-Tang Clan – Hood Go Bang! (Remix)


Bleeding Gods – Beloved By Artemis


Jaguar Skills – Riot Squad 2 (Feat Mind Vortex)


Alixandria Corvyn – New Roses


Desperate Journalist – It Gets Better


Panphage – Odalmarkherna


Megaherz – Vorhang Auf



The Crown – Iron Crown


Philip H.Anselmo & the Illegals – Delinquent


Drudkh – Nakryta Neba Burym Dakhom


Fu Manchu – Clone of the Universe




Kayleth – Lost in the Swamp


Corrosion of Conformity – Wolf Named Crow


Hamferd – Stygd


Blackwater Holylight – Sunrise


Heads for the Dead – Serpents Curse



Of Mice & Men – Instincts


Necrophobic – Mark of the Necrogram


Bleed From Within – Alive


Ektomorf – The Prophet of Doom


Arkhona – Khram


Cabal – False Light


Hyborian – Blood For Blood


Atals Moth – The Galactic Brain


Agrona – Apotheosis


Anvil – Nanook of the Earth


Regnat Horrendom – Raven and Oak


Howling Sycamore – Descent to Light


Ministry – Wargasm


Visigoth – Steel and Silver


Hooded Menace – Cathedral of Labyrinthine Darkness


Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons – Ringleader


Jonathan Davis – What it is


Wolftooth – Wolftooth


Inquinamentum – The Blackened Revelry


The tracks I played the most were from


Agrona, Inquinamentum & Hooded Menace


What are your favourites ?


You can listen to the spotify playlist too

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Kelly Sikkema


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