Bear Head Grooming Products Review


Roaring through my letter box came my most recent products this time it was from Bear Head Grooming Products

The beginning of the company started when the owner decided to grow a beard after not only going bald but also was always getting terrible razor rash. He also developed acne and the itch was unbearable, so thought why not kill two birds with one stone and see how it looked ? Every birthday and christmas he received an abundance of beard products and was alarmed by the amount of chemicals !! That’s when he decided to research how to make beard oils and what oils worked best to nourish skin and hair and experimented to produce his own beard oils and balms that were 100% natural and then focussed on developing grooming products that were completely natural using the finest sourced ingredients.

All of Bear Head’s products are hand-made in Scotland in small batches ensuring care and attention is put into each and every bottle and tin.

Here are my thoughts:


Firstly the Balm 

The first time I used this it was 5 a.m. I’d had 3 hours sleep and I still had a 7 hour round trip to York ahead, I had thrown myself into the shower but that hadn’t woken me up, coffee was nowhere to found and I still the beard after care routine – and then I see the Peppermint Cream balm on the bookshelf that I hadn’t put away….


Opened it up and the smell was everything that you imagine the scent to be, but being in a rush I needed to get on an apply it & not going to lie it was just perfect it was smooth, crisp, refreshing but not overpowering it’s got all the good stuff shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, almond oil, hemp seed oil, but the it’s the mixture peppermint oil, tea tree leaf oil, & bergamot (huge huge fan) fruit oil that really make it stand out I can’t describe how in that moment I felt if there was any perfect time for a balm this was it, I loved the scent so much that I even rubbed the residue into my hair with is something I hardly ever do.

Very similar experience with the same scent Oil 


When I am trying a new oil I always tend to use an unscented balm to really get the full benefit of a scent and I found that the Peppermint Cream oil is just as enjoyable as the balm, I do feel that oils always lift of the scents a little more. I have since used both the balm & oil together and they blend very well together.

I did receive one more product


Now you really can’t have a product without having something tied to your roots and this Oil  does just that and gives you the feeling of looking out onto a loch with a good single malt. The ingredients are similar to that of the Peppermint Cream well minus the minus the peppermint but it  has a classic woody smell with a hint of bergamot, giving it a fruity undertone. I have used this with the previously mentioned balm and really enjoy the combination as it gives a fresh but warming feeling and at this time of the year where I’m not leaving the house without a good jacket & hat it’s just perfect.


Overall not only a great brand that provides you with quality products but something that also gives you a real feel good factor too. Highly recommended.

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