Eastwing Grooming Co Review

Recently I received some products from a brand new company based in Brighton. When I say brand new I really do mean it, the company only formed in September this year the company in question: Eastwing Grooming Co.

EastWing was formed when one its founders James discovered an oil & balm he had received as a gift had not been signed off through the proper safety assessments. Turning to his partner Shelley’s company that specializes in herbal remedies and taking on advice from her colleague and friend Socha they started designing their own 7 months later (September 2017) the company was  launched.

The company currently has 6 members including a qualified Herbalist & a qualified Aromatherapist.

I received the company’s Fresh Peppermint Balm & Oil. It’s not just full on mint, which is great as I have experienced this is the past and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. Eastwing Grooming Co. seem to understand this with this scent  because it’s base note is lavender with a fresh and invigorating top note of peppermint-infused with its heart note of lemon peel.
Here are my thoughts:


First the Balm 


The balm has been well created. It’s non greasy has a good consistency and easily glides through the beard well indeed, as mentioned it’s got a great fresh feel to it. I do enjoy the occasional visit to my local steam room & sauna but it does dry my beard out. I feel that this would be a great addition to my beard after care routine in this instance.



Now onto the Oil 

Once again the I tried the oil firstly with an unscented balm & the elements are still very much apparent & even after applied with the matching balm doesn’t feel too overbearing at all.


In such a little turnaround time Eastwing Grooming Co have managed to produce something that fits in very well with their style and ethos whilst at the same time producing a quality product. I am very much looking forward to seeing how the brand expand & develop. As previously mentioned the company was started up partly because of an unsatisfactory gift but I would have no such problem buying their products for that purpose. Buying things for yourself still counts right ?.


use beard10 for 10% off at the checkout. Eastwing Grooming Co. donate a % of profits to the Dogs Trust rehoming centre


You can connect with Eastwing Grooming Co. on social here Facebook Instagram & Twitter


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