BeardPoo Review

Recently I received some items from a very new company who donate 25% of their profits to CALM a charity who work to help prevent male suicide that company is BeardPoo 

Today I be reviewing the Beard Shampoo & Moisturiser


First the shampoo


My initial reaction on the first use was this would be great in my gym bag to use after a workout & trip to the sauna, today I did just that and it made me feel so clean and refreshed afterwards, it has a great feel & scent plus washes out easily & was a good talking point in the changing room as I was asked about the bottles and was able to tell others not only how good the product was but also message behind the brand.




I have an growing of collections  of Balms and Oils etc but it’s no secrect that I am partial to good moisturiser. This is the first one that I have seen that is purpose built for beards. One thing about the sauna/ steam room is that is does dry my beard out so after using the shampoo and letting my beard dry I applied the moisturiser. it’s really light, spreads really well without leaving you beard feeling sticky making the combing process easier.


Lastly in this house we are big fans of subscription services and Beard Poo also give you option so that you never run out – you can do that here 


It’s build for beards & raises awareness at the same time and is something that would be a welcome addition to any grooming routine.

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