The Bearded Rapscallion Review

Being a member of Various beard clubs such as iBeardClub and recently The British Beard Club  Beard Products are often discussed and one that I keep seeing over & over again is The Bearded Rapscallion I am very happy to report that recently there were very kind to send me some of their products.

Here are my thoughts:


After a difficult decision  I chose  The Silken Scallywag Beard Balm & Oil



First product is used was the Balm  it’s lovely and non greasy and has quite a woody smell to it. I am a big fan of using different scents for the appropriate season so this just works so well now, this may be a bit strange but I love Earl Grey tea so the combination of Cypres, Bergamot (main ingredient of Earl Grey) & Vanilla is just great and works so well. Massaging it into the beard was wonderful because I could feel how soft it was making my beard and this was reconfirmed when I combed through my beard, the comb was just sliding through with hardly any effort, taking a further look into the ingredients it’s not difficult to see why this happened as The Bearded Rapscallion clearly uses very good quality ingredients and the fact that it is all homemade and more importantly not mass-produced made in small batches so that it remains a high quality product is clear.


I left it about 30 minutes before applying the Oil  mainly because I couldn’t stop running my hands through it. 


So the Oil… Just wow !! it was like everything in the balm was just amplified and I was hit with such a great scent. Whilst working it through my beard I could see the visible shine that was already taking place at the same time just wave after wave of the scent that was just a strong as the moment I applied it, I kept smelling my hands & even the pipette and even ran my fingers through my hair too. I almost fell the down the stairs in my haste to get my wife to smell just how good my beard smelt & looked

Not only do I love the design of the brand but the quality just speaks for itself. If you are going to be any kind of Rapscallion then I suggest being a bearded one is the obvious choice.


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