July Eagleworms


I had originally posted this up with all the band links last week but last night I was editing photos and working on another post and managed to totally delete the website at 2 A.M. Luckily I have a kick ass wife who knows her stuff but also apparently a good website host. So the post is not quite in it’s original form right now but all the important bits (the music) is back

As promised in my horrendous first YouTube video I have decided to add some a new feature on my blog, it will be purely music based mostly generated from what I have listened to over that particular Month. So with being said  written here is what has grabbed my attention this time:


Passage – In Hearts Wake

Album: Ark


Cellar Darling – Avalanche

Album: This Is The Sound


Decapitated – Earth Scar & One-Eyed Nation

Album: Earth Scar


Paradise Lost – The Longest Winter

From the Forthcoming Album: Medusa


Dawn of Disease – Ascension Gate

From the Forthcoming Album Ascension Gate


Funeralglade – Shadow of Misery

From the Forthcoming EP: May the Funeral Begin


Cradle of Filth – Heartbreak and Seance

From the Forthcoming Album: Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness of Decay


The Bellicose Minds – The Mask

Album: The Creature



Horror Vacui – 5000

Album: Return of the Empire


The Agnes Circle – Porcelain

Album: Some Vague Desire


London After Midnight – Shatter (All My Dead Friends)

Album: Psycho Magnet


Arch Enemy – The World Is Yours

From the Forthcoming Album: Will To Power


Alice Cooper – Paranormal

Album: Paranormal


In This Moment – Black Wedding (Feat.Rob Halford)

Album: Ritual


Decrepit Birth – Orion

Album: Axis Mundi


Prophets of Rage – Living On The 110

From the Forthcoming Album: Prophets of Rage


Tau Cross – Raising Golem

Album: Pillar of Fire


Killer Be Killed – Save The Robots

From the Compilation Album: Metal Hymns Vol.24


Chelsea Wolfe – Vex

From the Forthcoming Album: Hiss Spun


Abhorrent Decimation – Soothsayer

Album: The Pardoner


Demonwomb – Enter the Void

EP.: Demonwomb


Ne Obliviscaris – Intra Venus

From the Forthcoming Album: Urn


My most played track of the Month : Cradle of Filth – Heartbreak and Seance

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