Fellows For Him Review

Recently I was fortunate enough to receive some products from Fellows For Him 

All the products are Handmade, contain No Harsh Chemicals are Cruelty Free & also Suitable For Vegans

Here are my thoughts:



Sunday Morning: After a heavy weekend of eat you can eat buffets, a BBQ and a fair share of booze I needed a miracle to survive another day of humid weather fortunately this was the day I decided to take the Autumn Warmth Beard & Hair shampoo into the shower with me. This is the first time I have ever used a beard specific shampoo rather than a soap. It’s got  a really pleasing colour & texture & the scent is really warm & pleasant which may have something to do with the Rosewood, Black Pepper, Patchouli & Cedarwood It literally made my hair squeaky clean and my beard felt like someone had removed my entire facial hair off, put it through the wash with fabric softener and attached it back. That’s how soft it was & it smells amazing too. Lasted well in the Heat & even survived the onslaught of homemade cheese scones, clotted cream & jam. I am certainly converted to this form now instead of beard soap and will now be looking into some more in this range



Monday Morning

Ugh !!!! 4 am bedtime because of a wrestling PPV then the postman delivers a parcel for Mel 3.5 hours later ! Why so early ? My poor tired face.

Fortunately this morning I had the  Smooth Operator Face Wash to hand. It’s very light & doesn’t leave your face all soapy & washed out of the beard just fine the Tea Tree, Peppermint & Lavender combination left my face refreshed and reinvigorated ready for my Castlevania binge once again left the beard in a great condition. This is also a product that I would happily add into my 3 tier bathroom caddy.


Tuesday Morning

Now I saved this one until last. I was waiting for a shaving package to arrive so that I could have a wet  shave so I used the Face wash beforehand then had a shave applied some beard balm then finally added the Coconut & Lime Beard Oil


This is the most expensive beard oil I own but to be fair if you have ever used one before you know just how far they go and how little you really need, the bottle itself recommends 1-2 squirts of the pump plus I like telling my best friend and beard “wearer” (I don’t know what the term is or even if there is one) but anyway… I haven’t even opened yet but I already like the bottle, as an item to have an oil in I must say that this would be my preference over say one in standard bottle or one that uses a pipette.

I didn’t want to dilute the smell of the oil so used an unscented balm beforehand.

You can really smell the Coconut and as I worked it through my beard I could also start to smell another delicate scent which isn’t obvious at the first stage of rubbing the oil through both palms & fingers.

Also it doesn’t require lots of washing your hands after you have worked it through the beard which personally is a pet hate for me so even more bonus points for this oil. I like different products for different occasions, seasons etc. Another one that has caught my eye is the Vanilla Cream range so that will definitely go on my wish/Christmas list


So overall I think that the knowledge that these are all homemade use quality ingredients, have a good varied range means not only that I will be getting more in the future but highly recommending it to other bearded people and groups I belong to

Fellows For Him, Welcome to my Life

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