Cool Question Sports Wipes Review

As we have now set a date for our wedding next year we both decided to eat healthier & join the gym.

Although the gym has decent air conditioning of course you are going to sweat, so alongside with the phone holder, gloves & headphones having water and a towel turns into a juggling act. So unless doing this burns calories then i’m in but I know it doesn’t so one has to go.

I discovered the Cool Question Sports Wipes and thought they would be perfect for my needs, so when they arrived I couldn’t wait to put them in my gym bag.



After my workout I grabbed this out of bag & was very impressed with the quality of the wipes, the lightweight flannel type material and also the menthol scent that  that as soon as I used it I was left feeling instantly revived and refreshed. I also remembering at the time that I would tell some of my close friends who work out more regularly then I do about these

We also like to go for the occasional woodland walk, so next time that happens I think I will pack one of these with me for sure.

Have you used these or tempted to ?

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