It’s been a while – Quick Update

Going through my posts I realise it has been a while since I last posted. There are many reasons for this but I am hoping that now I have hit my Goodreads target for the year & a different approach to blogging in general will ensure that the future posts wont be so sporadic.

So why the silence ? This is easy it’s mainly health related. Recently it’s been bad and getting the balance of meds right has proved more difficult than I would have liked,  after 37 years you would think my body would be use to all the medical changes and constant pill popping but it doesn’t get easier and i’m perfectly honest it has been getting me down but I have an awesome soon to be wife who helps me get through it although still hasn’t sung Soft Kitty to me.

Another element once again decided to mess with my emotions. This is an issue that’s incredibly private and that i’m fiercely protective of. It’s better than it was & maybe in the coming weeks I will see all the stress and hard work come to fruition.

As well as Mel, Books & Music have really helped.  The addition of this little guy might also might have helped



His name is Kipper. He came from a local Cat charity in Cardiff. He is about 5 Months old but we have had him just over a week, he is just an awesome little guy – a little terror who is into everything right now but still awesome and already very loved.

As far as future blogs etc which was the whole point of this post before I got sidetracked. I am incredibly positive that the change of approach will work out better. I am a little behind and I seem to have more drafts ATM than I am happy with but that will hopefully go down soon enough. I have an event to attend in the coming weeks that I am excited about so all in all the end of this year is feeling really good.


What have been your highlights of the year ?

Any plans already for 2017?

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