Books of my Childhood

It’s no secret that I loved books from a very early age. I nearly always had a book with me & on the odd occasion I was really naughty as a child and everything was taken out of my room I used to hide a few books underneath the Mattress.

I wanted to post a few titles that I was really fond of & some that have just always stayed in my mind good or bad.


Roger Red-hat by Shelia McCullagh 

I don’t mistreat books now but back in my very early school days this book was my nemesis. I don’t think it was the books & stories themselves although I flat out refused to read the Billy Blue Hat ones for reasons that now escape me.  I think maybe it was down to the fact that I could read well before I started school (Thanks Mum xx) and I was expected to read at the class level & not allowed to advance when I wanted.


Dogger by Shirley Hughes 

This is first book that I remember actually getting really emotional about & shedding actual boy tears too even though at the time we had cats called Mork & Mindy – the whole story just swept me up on huge emotional roller coaster – a boy looses his toy dog at a fair, it’s sold to someone else for 5p will he get his favourite possession back ? it’s just too much.


The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy 

Long before Harry Potter came the story of life at a magical boarding school. I had a book crush on Mildred Hubble – I briefly saw the TV show and I think this was the first example of the book being better than what was presented on screen.

Fat & Skinny  

I really don’t have fond memories of this book and I can’t find and author or cover for it. From memory it was a cartoon cover with people racing. This book got me first detention for refusing to sit in class whilst this was being read.  I used to get bullied because of my cerebral palsy so I didn’t really find the humour, stories or rhymes funny as I saw it lead to others getting bullied. I was pretty stubborn even back then & it was finally agreed that whilst that book was read I could go a sit in the library.


He-Man Meets the Beast

This was my first read along with cassette book – The Beast used to scare me in the audio. I ended up getting other classics such as Skeletor’s Ice Attack & The Iron Master but this was my favourite.

13814364_10157291674505096_592703354_n (1)

The Hobbit by J.R.R.Tolkien

There is always that one book that will stay with you forever & this is it. I remember where I was thie first time I saw it. I loved this so much that I never returned the school copy I think my mum may even have it still in the loft of nostalgia. I have owned many copies over the years. It took me a while to finish it back then but I have recently purchased the hobbit & lord of the rings books in really nice editions (pictured above) & I’m quite interested how quickly I get through them all

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Are there any books you were and are still fond of ?

Can you guess the childhood secret ?

As ever comments, thoughts and book recommendations always welcome

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